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  Wednesday, March 03, 2010
8:56 PM
Oh it has been too long since a report on Spudlette found its way onto the 'tubes. It's a language explosion this month. She's speaking in sentences, like "I got it!" and "play granny's toys!" She knows numbers up to ten, and can reliably count objects to three. And she can sing the alphabet song and Rock Your Baby, with some guidance from her guardians.

Especially fun was her sudden desire to go to church, then after the visit saying "Granny take 'nore cat church" which they hope to do soon. She also is using a certain interjection in context. In my defense, we have a Windows-based computer. So we encourage all forms of whoops, oopsies, whoopsie-doodles, rats, and the like, and pray during our new church visits that the f-bomb vanishes back into the ether. At least until high school, when we fully expect again to be showered with its f-ishness.

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