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  Thursday, April 29, 2010
11:43 AM
So blogger wrote me to warn that it won't support FTP after May 1st. So hooray one last blog entry. I wish it could have been great and insightful, but such is the way of things... so to sum up:

Spudlette had an exciting and gift-packed birthday. So now she can properly play restaurant, which I'm told is very advanced play for a just-two year old. She cooks, she serves, she sprinkles "little bit - ciminum!" She really wants to speak in smooth sentences, so she peppers her speech with "ish -ish -ish" whenever she needs to. Like, "Ish -ish -ish, zoo look at elephant." or "Ish -ish 'nore ish -ish -ish lintels." Also, she thinks the word for 'carry' is 'carry-you'. "Daddy carry-you" does not mean she will carry me. Quite the reverse.

In politics, everyone still makes me angry, though nobody in particular.

... my last chance to speak into the internet (for a while anyway) and nothing comes to mind...


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